BLC Data Science

BLC's data science approach delivers greater cognitive and predictive analytics that drive action. These actions result in operational efficiencies and reduce financial waste, creating incremental top and bottom line value.

Instead of presenting a demo, BLC will build a data lake using your actual data to run use cases relevant to achieving your vision.

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We are BLC

Software Licensing Experts - License Compliance, Audit Defense, License Optimization

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We deliver results

Software Licensing Experts - Affecting your bottom line is what we do.

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We Deliver Results

Today's business climate is filled with significant challenges to achieving strategic and tactical objectives. Rising costs, compliance, project overruns - these are challenges BLC is ready to help you with. BLC enables business leaders to meet these challenges with a set of service offerings designed to provide critical expertise and experience where needed most.

Our clients experience tangible, sustainable results to their bottom line that are achieved with minimal impact to ongoing business operations and client resources. The success of our clients is a priority and we'll partner with you to develop and implement sustainable savings.

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We enable you to make the right decisions.

The right decisions are fact based and result in optimized investment that enable your business to grow to its full potential.