IT Overpayment Recovery

Millions are lost in IT overpayments
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The Problem

Hundreds of IT invoices pass through the organization annually. It is understandable that errors and omissions occur on purchase orders, invoices, SOW’s, and bill of materials. Particularly as technology vendors intentionally make their licensing, support and services overly complicated. Bill verification and tracking errors and omissions is a tedious, resource intensive task that most organizations are not equipped to handle efficiently.

BLC’s IT Overpayment Recovery combines our proprietary tools, recovery methodologies and trained resources with years of experience to track errors and deliver recovered overpayments to your bottom line.

Common errors
  • Mismatched contract rate vs billed pricing
  • Duplicate billing or payments
  • Assessed late fees or penalties
  • Missed credits, promotions, or discounts
  • Added reinstatement or service fees
  • Incorrectly billed sales tax

Where Do Savings Come From?

Optimizing Licenses40%
Consolidating Platforms25%
Vendor Negotiations20%
Overpayment Recovery15%

Recovering overpayments is a low impact process for our clients. We review invoices to identify errors. Opportunities found are validated through a forensic analysis, after which overpayments are recovered and delivered to your bottom line.

We are Technology Resultants with years of experience specializing in Overpayment Recovery. We are up for any challenge.