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What are Audit and SAM Services?

If your business has not already experienced an arduous software audit then expect to go through one in the near future. As software companies look to maximize revenue, SAM engagements and Compliance Audits have become standard business practice. Audit’s are always challenging, often concluding with disadvantageous Enterprise Agreements, un-budgeted license purchases and other financial penalties.

Auditors represent the largest technology companies, such as, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Micro Focus, Salesforce, and IBM, just to name a few.

BLC has developed proprietary tools and data science techniques to give us a unique edge. Our asset management and licensing experts assure that your environment and entitlements are accurately represented before any information is sent to the auditors.

Our clients are our biggest supporters and range in size from large multinational to regional enterprises.

The faster you act the higher the likelihood you can minimize or eliminate risk.

BLC Software Audit Services
How BLC approaches a software audit
  • Engage with the vendor and auditor
  • Review audit scripts and instructions
  • Analyze results for accuracy and relevance
  • Deep dive into agreements and entitlements
  • Optimize license usage
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Challenge inaccurate auditor findings
  • Negotiate and close audit